Ngawiwi Farm Intro

//Ngawiwi Farm Intro

Elemental Affairs’ last project in New Zealand will be at Ngawiwi Farm, which sits on the hilltops of Nelson, located on the South Island. For the next two weeks, our host Mark will be sharing his knowledge of the 57 acre property. Mark’s vision is to restore the land to what it once was before it was colonized, thousands of years ago.

Some of the projects we’ll be focusing on include:

  • A native forest regrowth project and bushwhacking (clearing invasive plants)
  • Tending to the sheep and chickens
  • Eco-construction: fencing and creating eco-friendly accommodation units
  • Practicing biodynamics (the study of physical motion and living systems, also a method of organic farming that incorporates certain astrological and spiritual principles)

This project embodies our Earth element and our mission to design sustainable permaculture programs. We are thrilled to contribute the restoration of the native Maori land.

Come back in a couple weeks to see how our project went!

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