Digging Down Yunda

//Digging Down Yunda

Where: Noosa Hinterlands, Queensland, Australia
Project: Organic permaculture
Element: Earth

As we steadily made our way up Black Mountain in the Noosa Hinterlands, we were greeted with open fields and a grassy hillside overlooking the gorgeous views of the Noosa volcanic region. Three cozy cabins sit on the property, with open glass windows allowing you to take in the surrounding views and rise with the birds that sing to the morning sun. An elaborate greenhouse with plentiful fruit and vegetables amongst a variety of herbs and fruit trees decorate the 50 acre property.

The first of two projects in Australia was at Brett and Nick’s property, YUNDA Stead. YUNDA consists of 1/3 cleared grass and gardens, 1/3 forested timber and 1/3 rugged native bush. Prior to their ownership two years ago, the land was operating as an organic orchard for over 30 years. Now, Brett and Nick are shifting the focus to permaculture – to care for the land, care for the people and share the abundance. Their goal is to build a sustainable farm with ponds, edible gardens and both native and domestic animals.

Lettuce bed – one of many vegetable beds in the greenhouse.

Group of bromeliads

There was no shortage of projects on this property. Our work included:

  • Transplanting roughly 2,000 bromeliads. Bromeliads are multifunctional – they improve air quality when placed indoors and have the ability to create their own ecosystem. Tree frogs, snails, flatworms, tiny crabs, and salamanders could spend their entire lives inside them. Leaves and debris fall into their reservoirs which help algae and other single-celled organisms to grow. This then feeds mosquitoes, insect larvae, and other organisms.
    • Fun fact: Pineapples are bromeliads
  • Digging 100 holes to plant frangipanis. Also known as plumeria, these plants have many health benefits including reducing inflammation, pain relief and antibiotic uses.
  • Tending to the plant beds and green house
  • Mulching and clearing the weeds around various trees for healthy growth

Brett and Nick have come a long way since they purchased the homestead. They started with no running water, no electricity and no infrastructure. The two, along with their rescue dog Jaffa, plan to continue their mission to grow this land for many years to come, creating a sanctuary with courses on ecology, geology, climate education and much more. This project was the perfect partnership for Elemental Affairs as permaculture (permanent agriculture) was founded in Australia. We could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to YUNDA’s cause and learn along the way.

Thank you, Brett and Nick!

Check out more photos below!

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