Cambodian Smiles

Where: Siem Reap, Cambodia Project: Hunger relief Element: Fire Cambodia’s history is one that’s tragic, yet it is one many don’t know about. From 1975-79, the Khmer Rouge communist party killed around 25% of the entire Cambodian population - close to 2 million civilians. The Khmer Rouge genocide greatly contributed to [...]

2019-06-06T04:14:20+00:00 June 6th, 2019|FIRE|

Surviving Lombok

Where: Lombok, Indonesia Project: Hunger relief, disaster relief Element: Fire Amidst the lush green rice fields and dreamy beaches lays the devastating remains from the recent earthquakes that hit Lombok, Indonesia. Luxury resorts have been abandoned, restaurants and shops left in shambles and homes crumbled to the ground in many communities of [...]

2019-01-08T16:57:42+00:00 January 8th, 2019|FIRE|