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The basis and foundation of all the elements is earth. The earth element embodies abundance, fertility and nurturing. Earth provides us with a stable environment that not only feeds life, but keeps life growing.

Permaculture is the ideal way to connect with nature and our communities. If we support the natural functions of our environment with a symbiotic approach, the evolution of our ecosystems will thrive.

Elemental Affairs has the ability to reduce waste, lower dependency on scarce resources and produce plentiful food with the proper green practices. Transforming the traditional agriculture landscape will help transform our ego to eco.


  • Provide tools and training to increase farming production at a local, sustainable level

  • Help create a network of farmers that can share resources with one another

  • Inspire trust in regenerative and organic farming methods to enhance people’s understanding of food and where it comes from

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Our Journey

Digging Down Yunda

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Restoring Aotearoa

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