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The fire element represents creation, destruction and transformation. Fire contains great power for generating determination and strength.

With years of droughts, increasing food prices, population displacement and poor governance, the famine crisis is at large. We are dedicated to empowering communities and ensuring as many as possible go to bed with a full belly.        

Elemental Affairs will work to reduce the number of malnourished civilians in order to help grow their economy. We promise to engage with communities by providing lasting solutions while educating them about food security. Our goal is to have these regions less dependent on foreign aid and more reliant on creating their own steady supply of food.


  • Educate low-income families various techniques to stretch food budgets, shop smarter, make healthier food choices and cook delicious, affordable meals

  • Immerse ourselves into communities that need help bringing their harvest to market

  • Provide proper cooking equipment to those in need

  • Cook for various kitchen halls

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