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The water element heals, cleanses and brings life to the world. Water can maneuver around any obstacle without losing its fundamental nature.

Finding reliable water is a challenge for poor, rural regions. Water is often wasted through inefficient irrigation methods, inordinate distribution and lack of infrastructure.

Elemental Affairs pledges to get our hands dirty and bring clean water to areas in desperate need. Additionally, our all-encompassing approach to water will also include restoring ocean health. We will be giving the gift of water to future generations of life, because water is life.


  • Fund and assemble water filtration systems

  • Build wells and teach local communities how to maintain them

  • Educate various groups about the importance of water efficiency

  • Improve ocean health with continual beach clean-ups and coral reef preservation

  • Connecting underprivileged children to the ocean

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Our Journey

Keeping Phuket Clean

Where: Phuket, Thailand Project: Beach cleanups Element: Water At the southwestern tip of the ‘land of smiles’ [...]


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A collection of photos from all of our Water projects.